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About us

The idea for Green Oaks Boutique came about during the mandatory Covid-19 shut down beginning in March 2020. I had lots of time on my hands to think (i.e. worry) about things. Because of financial concerns, I really started to reevaluate where and what I was spending my money on. Our family decided to be more mindful of the products and the companies that I supported. We wanted to shop local, buy American made and/or buy earth-friendly products.
I've always been somewhat environmentally conscious, but have become more so as I've gotten older. My daughter, Emily, was also a big motivation. At this same time, she was finishing up her junior year at Graham High School. One of her most difficult classes, but also one of her favorites, was Environmental Science taught by Mrs. Pippins. Emily was always coming home telling us about how we were destroying the environment and that something had to change. We can't change the world, but we can make small changes every day that can have a positive impact on the world one bit at a time.
Emily and I decided to open up a small boutique inside my dental office, Twelve Oaks Dental Clinic, selling only products that are good for our bodies and good for the environment to see if we can make a difference! We have researched multitudes of companies and each company that we have partnered with has been chosen because they are taking the right steps and helping to create a more sustainable future to find the best products that are either all natural, renewable, organic, upcycled, or recycled.
Our goal is to help others harness the power of their purchases so that together we can change the world for the better!
Thanks for taking the time to read about my journey to Green Oaks Boutique. I pray many blessings on you and your families.
Jamie Epperson